ELEVATE Case Study Challenge by Barclays and Capgemini

Hosted by Barclays and Capgemini, we were presented with a case study and tasked to find a solution on how to encourage their customers to “go greener”, educate them on ESG (and how it is measured) as well as a way for Barclays and Capgemini to potentially implement our solution.

As team leader of our group of three, I handled general communication between our team, Barclays/Capgemini and also our mentors (Andrea from Barclays and Mayank from Capgemini). Initially, we had to research about the ESG ourselves so that we could gain understanding of what it is, how it is measured and why it is a useful calculation. After doing this, we started to brainstorm some ideas and solutions that we had in mind.

Ultimately, we decided on creating a feature integrated into the Barclays app which allows their customers to see their own personal ESG index, compare to others (by looking at an average ESG score in the community for those similar to themselves) and be given recommendations on how to improve their carbon footprint based on their transaction history (as a completely voluntary, opt-in process of course). Working with our mentors, we were able to attain their help, viewpoints and benefit from their expertise.

Following all of this, we had to present our solution to judges, who were executives from both Barclays and Capgemini as well as the other teams.



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